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     So ecofab! Rhashida Bess is a Virginia based jewelry designer who specializes in making awesome, one-of-a-kind jewelry and accessories. She has been creating jewelry for over 25 years, embracing her creativity, love of color, texture, sustainable living, and connecting with other people to create a more vibrant and eco-conscious world.

     Each piece is handcrafted, using materials, fabrics and adornments that are repurposed or recycled. Rhashida’s work is truly an extension of her personal commitment to helping to make the planet a more beautiful and healthier place. She strives to show that by creating beautiful and fun jewelry with unconventional materials, that recycling can be fun and change the world one person - one fashion choice at a time.

    See more of her work at and follow her on social media on Facebook and Instagram under Alodeuri.

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