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Above: Prevent shrinkage, define & Elongate your curls. Also called the 'Wash& Go'

Did I see Curl Prep on commercial? 

Yes, you have seen our commercials on Bounce, Hulu, YouTube and more! 

Can these products be used on all types of hair?

Yes, including children's hair. No matter what your curl pattern is, these products will highlight and define your own personal curl pattern.

How do I make my hair curly with the product like I saw on TV? (This process is known as the Wash & Go).

The Wash & Go system has two steps: First you rake the Buttah through the hair with your fingers. The buttah elongates  curls and prevents shrinkage. Our gel holds your curls into place. Visit here for step-by-step/Wash & Go  instructions.






How can I use products for two-strand twists? I also saw that on TV.

The Sweet Buttah 8oz. (The buttah also comes in 16oz and is called The Biggah the Buttah) stretches and defines curls with ease. Prevent shrinkage by using it as you twist your dry or moist hair. After twisting your hair, let it dry, then un-do the twists. See how the products are used for the hair here.

How can add moisture and do you have shampoos and conditioners?

Yes, we have a whole line of products. A fan favorite is our Wicked Twist it for all over shine. People also love our Hair Food made of oils that feed the scalp. Read all about them and see how they are used here.


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