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Privacy Policy

Personally Identifiable Data

 "Personally Identifiable Data" is information that can specifically identify you. Your provision of your Personally Identifiable Data to us is completely voluntary. We do not collect Personally Identifiable Data unless you submit that information to us. Personally Identifiable Data is not collected on Partner Sites through the operation of our Technology itself. Categories of Personally Identifiable Data we may collect include:

  • Identity Data, which includes name or other similar identifiers.

  • Contact Data, which includes address, email address and telephone numbers.

  • Financial Data, which includes payment details including details about payments to and from you.

Personal Data

Additionally, we may also collect certain others types of information that, along Personally Identifiable Data, may be considered and specifically named "Personal Data" in certain jurisdictions

  • Technical Data, which includes internet protocol (IP) address, cookies, browser and device information, mobile device identifiers, location data and your login data.

  • Usage Data, which includes information about how you use our Website and Partner Sites and advertising we serve on those sites including how many times you viewed the ad, clicked the ad etc to improve our Services and also mitigate fraudulent activities.

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